Guides & Toolkits

Many partners in Palestine Portal and other organizations have created helpful guides and toolkits for justice advocates, and we present here some that we have found useful: how to plan for diverse types of events, engage with the mainstream media,  advocate with Congress, and more.

Do you know good toolkits and guides for social action and related work? Send them to us!


Advocating for Palestinian Rights in Conformity with International Law
This resource was the outcome of the conference “Options and Strategies for the Palestinian People in International Law.” Published by the Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem in cooperation with the Birzeit University Institute of Law.  View and download

Lobby Congress Tips
See tips on scheduling a meeting at the offices of Members of Congress and what to do before, during and after that meeting. At the website of US Campaign for Palestinian Rights. Go there

Everybody Freeze! The Art of Public Demonstrations for Palestine on College Campuses
American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), a national education and advocacy organization, has developed this activism handbook that can be utilized easily by student groups seeking creative ways to engage their campus communities on Palestine. [This guide could be useful for demonstrations in many other venues also.]



Guide to Planning An Event
The nuts and bolts of planning many types of events, for those who have never done it before or experienced event organizers. From United Methodists’ Holy Land Task Force.  View and download this resource

Plan a Film Screening
This toolkit from film producers at Just Vision was made to help plan a successful screening of the film Wanted 18, but it has information than can be applied to any film screening you may want to present. View and download this resource  

Memorial Circles Toolkit: Gaza War & Al Nakba Day Memorial Ritual
Jewish mourning tradition can provide us with the language and tools to cope with unfathomable loss. The very same liturgy provides us with the framework to discuss accountability and guilt. This ritual was first observed at the JVP 2015 National Members Meeting by JVP members across the world. The ritual was a collaboration between JVP’s Rabbinical Council and Artist & Cultural Workers Council. The Memorial Service was envisioned as a time to give people the opportunity to sit still and take in the enormity of loss that they had experienced during the previous year. It took place at the National Members Meeting that followed the 2014 siege in Gaza, so the loss was great and the sorrow was intense. View and download this resource

Palestinian Crafts Fair
See some ideas from IPMN for promoting Palestinian products and crafts and supporting Palestinian farmers and artisans in your congregation. Visit their web page


JVP Media Kit
Advice, sample materials, talking points and tips for your chapter to maximize and amplify your work in the media. From Jewish Voice for Peace.  View and download

Salsa Email Advocacy Kit
Many organizations use “email marketing” services like Salsa Labs, Mailchimp and Constant Contact to communicate with their members, call them into action and do fundraising. Salsa has a practical guide full of helpful advice on how to best use these tools to empower justice advocacy. View and download