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Imagining the Way of Justice–Taking Action

•  13-15 September 2019  •  Ottawa, Canada

Join with us to learn and build the network in “Costly Solidarity.” Members and supporters of United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel (UNJPPI) are invited to this Gathering. It will be an opportunity to connect with people across Canada working to accomplish the mission of UNJPPI.
Our intention is to pay attention to the June 2017 call of the Palestinian churches to the World Council of Churches to engage in costly solidarity. A leader of the Palestinian Church will speak on “Effective Solidarity is Costly. We will reflect on what has been accomplished since 2012 and we will ask what is blocking our work.
The meeting site is the Best Western Plus Conference Centre in Ottawa.
For more information about the speakers and program, and to register, visit
Noura Erakat will be hosted by CJPME on Thursday, Sep 12 at 7:00 pm ET

Attend Kairos Palestine and Sabeel Jerusalem Events in One Trip: November-December 2019

Kairos Palestine and Sabeel Jerusalem are scheduling their 2019 events consecutively, so that supporters can attend both in one trip to Palestine.  The Kairos Palestine conference will be held on the 29-30 November to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (observed annually on 29 November).  The Sabeel International Gathering will be held on 2-7 December.


Palestinian Theologies In Action: An International Gathering for Friends and Supporters of Sabeel

•  Monday-Saturday, 2-7 December 2019
• Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Palestine

Come and bring your friends! It will be a time of fellowship, friendship, and renewal, as well as a
time to learn and discuss.
    It is said that theology is like a cross which vertically leads humanity to God, and horizontally leads us to our neighbour. For Palestinian Christians, this link was damaged during the Nakba. Unable to go back to our former theological thinking while struggling to find a way forward….the bible was used to grant approval to the tragedy of the Palestinian people. This is the Faith Nakba, from which various Palestinian Christian theologies have sprung. We at Sabeel believe it is now time to celebrate these theologies… Read more online

This Gathering will explore following themes:
1. Realities on the Ground
2. The Theologies of Palestine
3. Theology in Action.
We will hear from activists, organisations, and individuals from various backgrounds. We will take part in action, and we will endeavour to answer the question of how theology can lead to action in order to achieve a just peace. We call on our friends to come and join us at this important gathering. Your presence gives us hope and encouragement as together we continue on the path of peace with justice. Learn more and register here