For those who want some meaty content on a regular basis or one magazine issue focused on a crucial subject, there are some excellent magazines being published on matters that concern Israel/Palestine and the movement for Palestinian rights. We start this collection with two of the best, one from Palestine and one from Washington DC:

Cornerstone Magazine, from Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem, often explores one powerful subject at a time, and always provides the thought-provoking, politically enlightening, and spiritually liberating content we would expect from Sabeel.

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is published 8 times per year in Washington, DC, providing comprehensive, analytical coverage of news from the Middle East, Muslim countries, Europe, and the United States, with articles focusing on politics, arts, business, culture, travel and religion. Writers for the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs include retired U.S. foreign service officers and people with a wide range of political, national and religious backgrounds.