Congregational Life

Bringing the theme of justice and peace for all the people of Israel/Palestine – that land we call “holy” – into our congregational lives and our personal devotions can help to develop disciples’ understanding of justice as part of God’s nature and identity and justice advocacy as a crucial part of a Christian’s calling. In using the resources in this section, we affirm and celebrate that calling in worship and personal devotions and renew our hope and strength for the challenges we face in that work. We embrace one of God’s most oft-repeated commandments – to “seek justice” – as an integral part of our spiritual identity and we see that our justice work is another form of worship, a manifestation of our faith and of God’s love in us.

See the menu on the left: these resources are grouped in two ways: by seasons of the church calendar and by types of material; therefore you will see items repeated between these categories.

Palestine Portal includes resources from past years in the belief that the value of this rich content lasts far beyond the dates of publication and can be employed and adapted in many ways: at home, in small groups, in worship services, prayer vigils, and many other venues and events.

We would like to add to and diversify these resources, and we welcome submissions of worship and devotional materials. Contact us at: [email protected]

Sabeel Wave of Prayer

The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center holds a Communion service in Jerusalem every week, at noon on Thursday. It is a time to join together to discuss how the scriptures apply to us today, to pray for the needs of the people there and throughout the world and to share the Eucharist. With their Wave of Prayer, Sabeel invites believers around the world to join them on the day and hour of this service – or any time during the week – in praying for the people of the Holy Land according to their most current struggles and needs.

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