Church Study Groups & Educators

Before Christians can fulfill the calling to be peacemakers, they need to learn about the reality of the current situation, the history behind that and the essential justice issues that concern the people of the Holy Land. There are many ways to do that together in congregations and communities, from formal course curricula to devotional materials, films with study guides and more.

The Kairos Palestine Document
This landmark message from Christians in the Holy Land is the basis for most Israel/Palestine-related church justice advocacy in the US and around the world: an eloquent description of their lives under military occupation, a profound statement of faith, and an urgent call to action.

Church Curricula
Find some excellent educational resources prepared by church educators, from simple three or four session discussions to longer and more in-depth materials.

Films with Study Guides
One of the best ways to engage any group and educate at the same time  – show a movie! Here we have some that come with their own study guides to facilitate further learning and reflection.

World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel (WWPPI)
An annual global event organized by the World Council of Churches that provides an excellent opportunity to bring the Holy Land to your congregation or community, with as little or as much emphasis as you would like.

Advent and Lent Study Materials
Both of these seasons are key times of year for Christians to reflect on current events in the Holy Land, and how they connect with our understanding of our faith, our scripture and our calling to be peacemakers.

Devotional & Study Materials
You may find a few more good resources here, besides the ones listed on the pages above.

Israel/Palestine: The Basics –
Maps: Ottoman Empire through 1949
Maps: 1967 to present
Maps: Loss of Land
As the heading suggests, these materials address basic information that we need in order to understand what is happening today in the Holy Land and the recent history that created the current situation. We have simple introductory materials as well as more in-depth resources for those who want to dig deeper.

Kairos & Liberation Theology and other Theology topics
For those wanting to delve a little deeper into the theological and biblical basis for current church positions and advocacy for a just peace in the Holy Land.

Interfaith Issues
Addressing the concerns that so many Christians have, when asked to take meaningful actions for justice in the Holy Land, about the impact those actions will have on relationships within and beyond their community and their denomination.

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