College & Seminary Faculty

The materials in the Curricula section could work well for college classes, both those for Church & Community and for High School students.  Many other areas of Palestine Portal may be useful for faculty who want to introduce the subject of Israel/Palestine in their classrooms. Following are some suggestions, but we recommend exploring further in the Learn & Teach area of the website.

Israel/Palestine: The Basics –
International Law
The Peace Process
As the heading suggests, these materials address basic information that we need in order to understand what is happening today in the Holy Land and how we arrived at the current situation. We have simple introductory materials as well as more in-depth resources for those who want to dig deeper.

Key Issues:
The Occupation
Ending the Israeli occupation has taken front and center in church-based advocacy. Learn how it started and the massive colonialist enterprise it has become today.

The Settlements
The central feature of the Israeli occupation, from which flow so many other justice issues, the settlements are required knowledge for those who want to understand what is happening in the Holy Land.


The Kairos Palestine Document

This landmark message from Christians in the Holy Land is the basis for most Israel/Palestine-related church justice advocacy in the US and around the world: an eloquent description of their lives under military occupation, a profound statement of faith, and an urgent call to action.

Kairos & Liberation Theology
For those wanting to delve a little deeper into the theological and biblical basis for church-based advocacy for a just peace in the Holy Land.

Zionism, Christian Zionism, & the Bible
Tackling some of the thorniest issues that arise for Christians who advocate for justice in the Holy Land.

Interfaith Issues
Addressing the concerns that so many Christians have, when asked to take meaningful actions for justice in the Holy Land, about the impact those actions will have on relationships within and beyond their community and their denomination.

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