Missions & Programs

Quaker Meeting House, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestinian Occupied Territory

In our Missions & Programs section of the Portal, you can discover ways of supporting and empowering that go beyond campaigns based primarily in the United States.

Dozens of Palestinian programs and organizations – including some that operate within Israel and include Israeli allies – offer a plethora of opportunities for partners who want to address the needs of Palestinian society: economic, educational, social, legal, political and spiritual.

Christians have always had close ties to the land where Christ was born and from where the first Christian missionaries set forth to bring “good news” to the world. The Christian presence in the Holy Land today is two-fold and offers an important witness to vital relationships throughout the global Church.

Indigenous Palestinian churches whose members have ancestral roots dating back to the earliest Christian history are preserving Christian traditions in the cradle of our faith.

Denominations based in the U.S. and worldwide have worked in partnership with the Palestinian people for centuries. Their initiatives and efforts today include enabling economic development, providing educational opportunities, responding to the needs of the poor and disabled,  facilitating interfaith dialogue, promoting conflict resolution, and many other ministries of mercy, compassion and justice.