Action & Advocacy


For people of faith, when dealing with a situation of gross injustice, knowledge should lead to action. Participating in social justice action is a longstanding and deeply spiritual Christian tradition, not a response to popular culture. It is inspired by the words and actions of Jesus Christ, who helped those who were abused and oppressed by passionately challenging the political, social and racial status quo.

For many years the Christians of Palestine have pleaded with the people of the world – and especially their fellow Christians – to come and see the real situation, the “facts on the ground,” so that we might be able to discern what is needed to achieve a just peace in their homeland. Many Christians have gone and seen and have provided a powerful witness of their experiences. If you have never had the opportunity to see the Holy Land for yourself, you can learn what is happening at Palestine Portal in our Learn & Teach section.

However, learning is not enough! Once we know what is really happening – once we have have cut through the misinformation we have heard for decades and the irrelevant arguments employed today to justify the oppression of the Palestinian people – we are called to do something with that knowledge.  We are called to be peacemakers and that means also being justice-makers, for a true and lasting peace will have to be grounded in justice for all Palestinians and Israelis.

See the menu on the left for abundant opportunities to take action for justice and peace in the Holy Land.

Besides the powerful Divestment, Boycott and Political Advocacy campaigns that you can support, there are other ways to make a difference:

Your voice in the press and electronic media is also a powerful tool to influence reporting in the United States regarding Israel and Palestine, and to carry the message of a just peace to the wider public.  See information for engaging with the media on our Guides and Toolkits page. There are numerous other guides there to help you become a more effective advocate for justice.

Visiting Israel/Palestine as a responsible tourist – one who does not visit only historical sites and ignore the plight of the indigenous people of this land –  is a valuable action and there are many tour organizers who can provide the experience of a lifetime in the Holy Land.

Shopping online for Palestinian-made crafts and foods is another way you can support the people of Palestine. See many vendors in our Shop Palestine section for your own shopping and consider holding your own Palestinian crafts fair – see our Palestine Fair Trade Market page.

See also the Curricula section in Learn & Teach on the Portal, for diverse materials you can use to help others learn and learn more yourself, an important way to advance the cause of justice.

Whether it’s just a few minutes a week or a couple of hours, there are ways to be involved as our time and interests permit, and everything we do counts.