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Key events in the liturgical seasons of the Christian calendar are particularly appropriate times to bring the cause of a just peace in the Holy Land to the forefront in our congregations. The Advent/Christmas season is an excellent time to learn about the desperate situation under occupation for Christ’s followers who live today in the real “little town of Bethlehem.”  Lent and Easter are opportunities to bring attention to conditions today in the location of Holy Week events – Jerusalem – and the worshipers who will be denied access to holy sites during this spiritual season. Both seasons are good times to use special prayers and litanies in services and encourage church members to engage in a short period of weekly study and discussion.

Resources on Palestine Portal include devotional materials that can be used personally or in groups, prayers for seasonal services, and more. Many resources are not specific to the lectionary for that year and are applicable beyond the year of their publication.

For prayers for Jerusalem and others that may be useful for seasonal needs, see our Prayers, Litanies and Liturgies page.