Advent & Christmas


The Challenge Of Jubilee, by Naim Ateek – Advent message 2016, TEXT: Luke 4: 19
“The last fifty years have brought untold suffering upon our Palestinian people….The challenge before us…is to lift high and focus on the essence of the message of Jubilee. It is a message of hope for all the poor and oppressed of the land. It is a vision for the establishment of truth and justice for all the land and its inhabitants. It is an inclusive message so that peace and security can be achieved for all.”

From Fear To Joy, by Munther Isaac, TEXT: Luke 2:10-11
In the Christmas narrative, we read about the fear of the shepherds. That fear is our reality today: in Palestine, many are afraid of the future. The Gospel is telling us (1) fear not, because our hope and salvation come from God; (2) the opposite of fear is Joy, the joy of knowing we are not forgotten (3) that joy is active and transformative.

The Escape To Egypt, by Munib Younan, TEXT: Matthew 2:13-15
The flight into Egypt is essential to our understanding of the Christmas story, because it emphasizes that this is about much more than the birth of a baby. The escape of the Holy Family took place in a context of political unrest, a threatened dictator, lies and abuse of power, and the promise of violence against innocent civilians. The current refugee crisis unfolding across the Middle East and Europe brings this chapter of the Christmas story, and Jesus’ status as a refugee, into sharp focus.

Give Back the Song: Choose Another Way Home, by Rev. Loren McGrail – Epiphany Sunday 2019.
We sing back the song the angels have sung by refusing to co-operate with imperial authorities wherever they are and whenever they demand us to bow to them instead of our God.


Kairos Palestine Christmas Resource 2018
This year we focus on the theme of “a new heaven and a new earth” (Revelation 21). The four main topics are: Light in the darkness, more refugees in the Middle East, building bridges not walls, and new hope in a new Palestine. We encourage churches, parishes, laity and clergy around the world to remember this season that marks the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ by mentally coming and seeing the hurdles to peace. By Kairos Palestine View and download

Kairos Palestine Christmas Resource 2017
This year the Christmas Alert sheds light and raises awareness of what Bethlehem has been experiencing since the Balfour Declaration, of partition and of military occupation to encourage churches around the world to act!  By Kairos Palestine  View and download

Kairos Palestine Christmas Resource 2016
The 2016 Kairos Palestine resource for Christmas has a special focus on Children. Reflections, scripture passages and more for every Sunday in Advent, written for us by Palestinians in the Holy Land. By Kairos Palestine  View and download

Kairos Palestine Christmas Resource 2015
A set of essays by Palestinian women communicating the heart of the Christmas message in the midst of occupation, interspersed with passages from the Kairos Palestine document, scripture lessons, and powerful photos. By Kairos Palestine

  View and download

Kairos Palestine Christmas Resource 2014
For each Sunday of Advent: reflections, scripture passages, excerpts from the Kairos Palestine document, all related to life in Palestine today, from a diverse range of Palestinian authors. By Kairos Palestine  View and download

Find all of Kairos Palestine’s Christmas and Easter Alerts at their website.

Devotional Reflections for Advent 2015
Lectionary-based reflections from Methodist missionaries in Palestine and Israel.
From the Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem.
 View and download


Liturgical resources for Advent 2014
A worship supplement for use with the Kairos Palestine Christmas Resource for 2014, developed by Kairos USA. By Rev. Diane Dulin  View and download