Mapping the Movement in the US

The United States is home to a vibrant movement for Palestinian rights that is growing every year, and many of Palestine Portal’s participating organizations are US-based. Use our menu on the left to find movements in many U.S. Christian denominations, ecumenical and nondenominational organizations, and several other key  faith-based and secular partners.

[PLEASE NOTE: The United Methodist Church is a global denomination, so it is not in the United States section of Mapping the Movement. Find it here]


In addition to those national organizations, many smaller local groups are making a significant impact in their communities and changing the narrative on Palestine throughout American society. See our listings of Regional and Local groups and those based in Congregations.
We know there are so many more local groups across the US, and Palestine Portal wants to put your group on the map! Send us your information: a short description of your group and/or mission, a website address if you have one, and your email address. Contact us: [email protected]