Kairos Palestine – Sweden is a network in solidarity with the Call from Kairos Palestine.
Coordinator: Rev. Dr. Anna Karin Hammar
Email: [email protected]
Open letter to all people of good will in Palestine, Israel and the World community, June 2018
Participants present at Sjövik, Dalarna, Sweden in the seminar organized by Kairos Palestine-Sweden in cooperation with Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (JIPF), Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice, Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, Friends of Sabeel – Sweden, Diocese of Västerås – Church of Sweden, Kista Folk High School and Sjövik Folk High School.
The Road towards a Just Peace? – A letter from Kairos Sweden, June 2016
by Anna Karin Hammar (Kairos Palestine-Sweden Coordinator)
Church of Sweden explores BDS as ‘only chance to liberate Palestinians and Israeli Jews’, Mondoweiss, June 2016
A response from the Church of Sweden to Kairos Palestine – A Moment of Truth, June 2019