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Cornerstone is Sabeel‘s English-language publication, highlighting Sabeel‘s ministry activities both locally and internationally as well as theological reflections on contemporary social and political events.

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Christians in Community

Community is a key part of Christian life, it appears throughout the Bible with Jesus illustrating community throughout the parables.

This is especially vital in the Land of the Holy One where the Christian community is divided especially those communities in the West Bank, where communities are divided by illegal Israeli settlements and in Gaza with its tiny number of Christians – a tiny community who work hard to make a big impact.

At a time when the number of international Christians is beginning to outweigh the number of native Palestinian Christians, solidarity and understanding is more important than ever.

In this edition of Cornerstone we will explore the various Christian communities both in Israel and Palestine. Exploring these communities through the eyes of various people from the international, Israeli, and Palestinian communities.

Staying in the Conversation

Cornerstone Magazine – Issue 79, Winter 2018/2019

This edition of Sabeel’s “Cornerstone” publication is focused on interfaith and inter-religious dialogue. The issue features viewpoints from writers with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

From the outset, it is important that we establish the difference between interfaith and inter-religious dialogue. It is entirely possible to be in an interfaith situation without dialogue, simply standing in solidarity alongside those of another denomination or faith. Coexistence is in itself an interfaith act – an interaction between faiths. Inter-religious dialogue, on the other hand, requires an exchange to take place. This exchange can be a collection of theologians from across the religious spectrum coming together to discuss matters of doctrine, or it can be individuals coming together to discuss issues of mutual concern.

Through this issue of Cornerstone, we at Sabeel aim to encourage interfaith and inter-religious dialogue in a way which is just and inclusive, authentic and vulnerable. We commit to staying in the conversation—even when it is difficult—whilst at the same time holding strongly to our own faith and beliefs.


Cornerstone Magazine – Issue 78, Summer 2018

Why this topic? Why now?
Why is Sabeel, a Palestinian Liberation Theology Center, publishing on the crisis of sexual harassment in Palestinian society?

Some readers may be uncomfortable with this topic being tackled while we are still suffering under the weight of the Occupation. Why do we want to “air our dirty laundry?” Will sharing these stories feed into prejudices against Palestinians, and against Arab men in general? Many times we have heard it said, “Let us achieve our human rights first, then we can deal with women’s rights.” In fact, this excuse is not unique to the Palestinian Liberation movement – this has often been arefrain among peoples fighting for liberation around the world. Sometimes it can feel that one struggle is simply enough at one time.

Others may wonder if Sabeel is simply riding the wave of the #MeToo movement, choosing to address this trending topic along with many other institutions grappling with stories of abuse, rape, and harassment perpetrated against women. Is it really necessary to have our #UsToo moment?

But we at Sabeel have chosen to address this critically important topic because we are a Palestinian Liberation Theology Center. This means that wherever there is injustice, we stand on the side of justice. Wherever people are oppressed, we stand for liberation. Whether we are talking about the occupation of Palestine, or the colonization of indigenous peoples, or the destructive forces of toxic masculinity in our homes, workplaces, and places of worship, we believe that Christ our Liberator requires us to stand with him, for freedom.

We’ve never tackled this topic before. But now: Time’s up.


Liberated by Love

Cornerstone Magazine – Issue 77, Winter 2018

Jesus Christ Liberator – Then and Now by Love,  by The Rev. Naim Ateek
Extremism in the Christian Palestinian Community, by Mrs. Violette Khoury
Concerns of Palestinian Muslims, by Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway
Concerns of Palestinian Christians, by Patriarch Michel Sabbah
An Israeli Jewish Perspective, by Rabbi Arik Ascherman
Colonial Christianity and Indigenous Societies: Australia and Palestine, by Katalina Tahaafe-Williams
How Long, O Lord? by The Rev. Canon Richard Toll

Balfour and Religious Extremism

Cornerstone Magazine – Issue 76, Fall 2017
Challenging Religious Extremism, by The Rev. Naim Ateek
The Balfour Declaration: Historical Context, by Dr. Peter A. Shambrook
Islamic Fundamentalism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, by Dr. Ghada Karmi
Jewish Extremism,  by Sahar Vardi
Comprehending Christian Zionism, by Dr. Robert O. Smith


Cornerstone Magazine – Issue 75, Winter 2016
“Increase our Faith” Reflections on forgiveness, by Sabeel Staff and Friends
The Armenian Genocide and Forgiveness, by Elise Aghazarian
Is Forgiveness an Act of Compulsion or an Act of Liberation? by Bassam Aramin
Forgiveness and Revenge after Fifty Years of Occupation, by Rami Elhanan
Sulha, Reconciliation, by Jean Zaru
The Challenge of Christianity, by Fr. Jean Nyembo, SJ

Find all available issues of Cornerstone at the Sabeel website, including some issues translated into French: