Friends of Sabeel Australia

Friends of Sabeel Australia Incorporated [FOSAI] was established in Australia in August, 2003. Its foundation was due to the inititiative of Ray Barraclough who, in the early 1990s, had worked for the Anglican Church in East Jerusalem. FOSAI saw itself as an ecumenical support group for the Sabeel Liberation Theology Center that was founded by Naim Ateek and based in Jerusalem.
As regards its Australian (and New Zealand)[1] context, FOSAI had as its aims:
A. Increasing the awareness of Australian Christians about the vision, aspirations and activities of Sabeel and of the wider circle of Palestinian Christians in their homeland.  B. Disseminating information about the life-situation of Palestinians, particularly those living in the occupied territories.  C. Distributing copies of the Sabeel journal Cornerstone to the members and supporters of FOSAI.  D. Encouraging members and supporters of FOSAI to attend international conferences that Sabeel sponsors.  E. Seeking to make pertinent contributions to Australian public discussion and policy in regard to the aspirations and experiences of the Palestinian people.
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