Friends of Sabeel Germany

Friends of Sabeel Germany – Freunde von Sabeel Deutschland e.V. 
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Email: [email protected]
Contact: Canon i.r. Ernst-Ludwig Vatter
Hagdornweg 170597 Stuttgart / Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 711 9073809
Peace through justice in Palestine and Israel
Friends of Sabeel Germany is committed to justice and peace for Palestine and Israel. We support the work of Sabeel, an ecumenical movement for Palestinian liberation theology founded by Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land that strengthens faith and life. We share the mission of Sabeel to strengthen the voice of Palestinian Christians , to work with the peacemakers of all religions who stand up for the oppressed and promote a just peace in Palestine and Israel. We oppose any distortion of the Bible and theologies that lead to racism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia and legitimize a “conquest” of the “sin of occupation.” We disapprove of all acts of violence committed by states, individuals, or groups. We organize events and lectures that educate church audiences and the wider public about the root causes and current problems of the conflict, and non-violent campaigns that promote justice and peace for both Palestinians and Israelis.