Kairós Palestina Brasil

• From their Facebook page:
“Kairós Palestina Brasil” é uma plataforma de apoio e solidariedade ao povo Palestino. Apresenta, divulga, abre espaço para reflexão e discussão sobre o “Kairós Palestina Brasil” resposta teológica brasileira ao “Kairos Palestine.” FACEBOOK: KairosPalestinaBrasil
The Kairos Brasil Palestine document (English): http://www.kairospalestine.ps/sites/default/files/Kairos%20Palestina%20Brasil%20Document.pdf
From the Kairos Palestine website:
Kairós Palestina Brasil was initially formulated as a response to the Kairos Palestine document, written collectively by many theologians. The document is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish on the website of Kairos Palestine Brasil. The group works on advocacy, prayer and education on the Palestinian situation, mobilizing communities in Brazil during the WWPPI.
EMAIL: [email protected]
Felipe Gustavo Koch Buttelli