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FOSNA’s Witness Trip Advisory Team

A visit to Palestine can be a life-changing experience.

If you’re interested in witnessing the occupation firsthand, FOSNA can help you plan a trip. Our panel of witness trip leaders have been traveling to Palestine and Israel for years and know how to navigate the roadblocks, both physical and bureaucratic.

We’ll make sure you see the real story. You can meet with Palestinians and Jewish Israelis engaged in nonviolent resistance, visit refugee camps, experience life under occupation, and view environmental degradation. You can also tour Hebron and other communities suffering from encroaching Israeli settlements.

Your trip can include historical and religious sites such as Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Jordan River, and the Dead Sea. Whether you’re traveling alone or want to organize a witness trip for a group, we can help you design a visit that caters to your interests and needs. We may also be able to provide scholarships.

Contact Linda Kateeb at (708) 207-6272 or [email protected]

Our witness trip advisors:

Rev. Ann Coburn
Coburn has been involved in alternative travel groups for women, Episcopalians, and groups interested in learning more about the Palestinian narrative. Her two most recent trips have included stays in Gaza.

Dr. Hassan Fouda
From 2002 to 2013, Fouda co-organized and co-led 10 fact-finding delegations to Palestine and Israel. He has also visited all the neighboring countries, meeting and interviewing many government officials, opposition leaders, and opinion makers.

Dr. Linda Kateeb
Kateeb has made eight trips to Palestine and Israel—her first in 1975—and helped organize and lead five of them, incorporating pre-and post-trip learning surveys.

Dr. Joy Lapp
Lapp serves on the steering committee of the Mennonite Palestine Israel Network (MennoPIN) and has been leading witness trips to Palestine and Israel since 2007.

Dr. L. Michael Spath
Spath has led 13 two-week trips to Palestine and Israel in the last 15 years, meeting with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders of organizations involved in justice advocacy and/or peacemaking.

The Rev. Robert Tobin and Maurine Tobin
The Tobins have led 24 witness trips to show participants the facts on the ground in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and the restrictions placed on Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Rev. Canon Richard Toll
A retired Episcopal priest, Toll took his first trip to Palestine and Israel in 1983, when there were no walls and Palestinians had freedom of movement. Since then he has led a number of groups.

Rev. Dr. Don Wagner
Wagner, a consultant on theology with FOSNA, has organized and led trips to Palestine and Israel annually since 1979, using reflective readings and experiential learning to deepen connections with grassroots leaders engaged in popular resistance.


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