Upcoming Trips

Palestine Portal has posted the upcoming trips that we know about, but there may be others. If you know of trips that we do not have here, please let us know: info@palestineportal.org

Footsteps of Jesus Tour

A Global Ministries People-to-People Alternative Tour
April 27 – May 8, 2018

Disciples/UCC Global Ministries Mission Co-Workers Jeff and Janet Wright will host their tenth annual pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Participants will: explore the holy sites of Bethlehem, Jerusalem and the Galilee; visit the Abrahamic mosque and divided city of Hebron; tour Jericho, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River and more; learn from Global Ministries mission partners; meet and discuss differing perspectives on the current political situation with Muslim, Christian and Jewish NGOs.  Learn More

Pilgrimage of Discovery

Organized and led by Janet Lahr Lewis (UMC Missionary, resident of Israel/Palestine for 20 years)
April 30 – May 9, 2018

Visit the Holy Land on a ten day life-changing “Pilgrimage of Discovery.” Sail on the Sea of Galilee, visit holy sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and other regions, worship with Palestinian Christians, meet with people of different faiths to hear their stories, experience the rich culture of this land, and learn about current events from both Palestinians and Israelis.

This unique tour experience has been designed and will be led by a knowledgeable United Methodist missionary who served in the Holy Land for twenty years. The planned itinerary includes opportunities for group discussion, devotions and reflection, and free time for personal exploration. Learn more

Israel, Palestine, & Christ at the Checkpoint

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP)
May 23 – June 1, 2018

Rooted in Christian pilgrimage, this multiple perspective trip offers travelers the opportunity to meet with Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers, artists, and activists; learn about contrasting national narratives; and explore future prospects for justice, security, and peace in the Holy Land.

You’ll worship with a local congregation, experience the sacred sites in Jerusalem, and have the opportunity to participate the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference hosted by Bethlehem Bible College.

With a unique approach that accesses contemporary issues through personal storytelling, relationship-building, and facilitated discussion, this travel experience features a diverse array of guides and speakers – Israeli and Palestinian, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, conservative, moderate and progressive. With time for spiritual reflection, discussion and fun, join us for this unique journey that celebrates the hospitality and vibrant cultures of the Holy Land while exploring the complex issues facing Palestinians and Israelis. Learn more

Abraham’s Children Searching for Justice in Israel and Palestine

Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA)
July 14 July 27, 2018

Travel to Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Nazareth to meet Palestinian and Israeli Jews, Muslims, Christians, and secularists working for a just peace through international law. Gain skills to work work nonviolently for peace, justice, equality, human rights, and international law—at home, in Israel and Palestine, and throughout the world. The tour will include visits to holy sites, museums, refugee camps, a hospital, and more. Learn more

“No Bans, No Walls” Delegation

Interfaith Peace-builders
July 21 – August 3, 2018

Communities in Palestine/Israel and North America have each mobilized to protest travel bans inflicted on specific populations while working to oppose the construction of walls meant to segregate and divide. The call of “No Ban, No Wall” popularized by popular movements in North America is echoed in Palestinian communities.

This delegation is your opportunity to explore the realities of life in Palestine/Israel. Join us to investigate the travel and access restrictions, understand the Wall and its associated regime of physical and legal barriers, and connect with Palestinians and Israelis working for peace with justice. As with all IFPB delegations, you will travel with expert guides, spend time in Palestinian homes, and visit important historical and religious sites. Learn more

IFPB Olive Harvest Delegation

Interfaith Peace-builders
October 27 – November 9, 2018

This delegation is your opportunity to visit Palestine during the olive harvest season — a culturally rich and important time. Hear from farmers and learn of the importance of agriculture to the economy and culture. Learn about threats to the environment, the exploitation of natural resources, and the struggle of Palestinian communities to maintain access to land and water.

As with all IFPB delegations, you will also meet additional Israelis and Palestinians working for peace and justice as well as visit many impotant historical sites. Learn more

Tree of Life Journey – March 2019

Mothers of a New Creation

March 12 – 23, 2019 | Extension to Jordan through March 26

Tree of Life Educational Fund will offer its next journey in March of 2019. This journey will have a special focus on the role of women, past and present, in their struggle to give birth to a New Creation. The Land of Canaan, sometimes called the “Holy Land” or the “Land of Promise”, is a place replete with the sacred stories of women who by their love, courage, resilience and determination endeavor to make their communities a place where all God’s children could learn to live together in peace.  More information and full itinerary.

  Learn More