Methodist Projects & Partners in Israel/Palestine

Numerous projects in Israel-Palestine are jointly or individually supported by The United Methodist Church, the World Methodist Council, and The Methodist Church in Britain.

Download the list of Methodist projects in Israel/Palestine.

Rev. Kristen Brown serves as coordinator of interpretation, education, and advocacy through the Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem. The Advance number to support her ministry is #3021280.

Advance Projects of the United Methodist Church

The Advance is an official program of The United Methodist Church for voluntary, designated, second-mile giving. Through The Advance, United Methodist annual conferences, districts, local churches, and organizations, as well as individuals and families, may choose to support mission programs or mission personnel with their financial gifts. Each Advance project has been vetted and approved by Global Ministries and Advance staff. Learn more about The Advance at:

All contributions to the Advance projects below are tax deductible for US citizens and one hundred percent of your donation goes directly to the project itself. The United Methodist Church pays the administrative costs.

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Donate by check: Make your check payable to “Advance GCFA” and be sure to put the Advance number of the project on the memo line. Mail to: Advance GCFA, PO Box 9068 GPO , New York, NY 10087-9068

Donate by phone: 1-888-252-6174.

Need help? If you have questions or trouble with a donation, please email: [email protected]

One hundred percent of all Advance giving goes to the chosen mission project.

Advance # 629001
  Augmenting Food Production and Income in Time of Siege: Urban Gardens
Increasing food production and income in times of siege and hunger.

Advance # 12017A
  Bethlehem Bible College, Vision 20-20
Training Arab Christian leaders to serve and strengthen the church and communities in the Holy Land.

Advance # 14908A
  Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees – Middle East Council of Churches
Advancing human rights, health, education, self-realization, income generation and world recognition.

Advance # 3020711
  Four Homes of Mercy Home for Disabled
Improving the quality of services for severely disabled children,teens and elderly persons.

Advance # 12018A
  Hope Secondary School
Educating and boarding disadvantaged children from the West Bank in a caring Christian environment.

Advance ##3022292 Jerusalem School Bethlehem
Equipping tomorrow’s leaders to impact the Arab world with the message of hope through education

Advance # 14238A  
Jerusalem Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children
Acting as a national referral and resource center and a rehabilitation and educational facility.

Advance # 3020532
  Mar Elias Peace Study Center
Bringing students from different faith backgrounds together to learn about peace and reconciliation.

Advance # 3021661
  Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem
The Methodist presence in the Holy Land; coordinating Methodist advocacy initiatives, providing travel and volunteer options for visitors.
 Email: [email protected]

Advance # 14909A  
Sabeel Youth
Supporting Palestinian Christian youth through trips, Bible study, workshops and volunteering.

Advance # 3020439
  Shepherd Society
Providing short and long-term humanitarian assistance and development aid for the Palestinian people. If your donation is for Syrian Refugee Outreach,
note that in the online form, in the “in honor of” section.

Advance # 3021565 
 Wadi Foquin Community Development Project
Providing community development projects for residents of Palestinian villages in the West Bank.

Advance # 14910A
  Wi’am Community Empowerment & Conflict Transformation
Advancing a culture of peace and acceptance while promoting nonviolent resolution to conflict.