Church & Organizational Resolutions and Statements on Israeli Apartheid

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The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Pastoral Letter from leaders of the denomination, February 2022 – Compelled to Witness
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Supporting Resources:
FAQs for Compelled to Witness

News Reports, Responses:
– Mondoweiss, February 2022 – Another North American church denomination sees apartheid in Israel  See it here

Episcopal Church

Resolutions from Dioceses of Chicago, Washington and Vermont
– Diocese of Chicago –  Confronting Apartheid (P. 11)
– Diocese of Washington – Opposing-Israels-Apartheid
– Diocese of Vermont – iRegarding Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Lands and Israel’s Apartheid Policies toward the Palestinian People

News Reports, Responses:
– EPF PIN, February 2022 – Rejection of Israel’s apartheid deepens as Episcopalians move toward crucial conclave  See it here
– Mondoweiss, February 2022 – Rejection of ‘Israel’s apartheid’ grows as D.C. Episcopalians affirm their opposition  See it here
– EPF PIN, July 2022 – General Convention and the Apartheid Question: A Commentary, from EPF PIN member Harry Gunkel  See it here

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

On Recognition That Israel’s Laws, Policies, and Practices Constitute Apartheid Against the Palestinian People
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News Reports, Responses:
– Mondoweiss, July 2022 – The Presbyterian Church (USA) adds its voice to a growing choir naming Israeli apartheid
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– Electronic Intifada, July 2022 – US Presbyterians call for end to Israeli apartheid
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– Washington Post, July 2022 Presbyterian Church vote declaring Israel anapartheid state upsets Jewish groups
See it here

United Church of Christ

Declaration for a Just Peace between Palestine and Israel
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FAQs about the Declaration for a Just Peace between Palestine and Israel
Study Guide for the Resolution
Interactive Resolution Resource Guide and other resources:

News Reports, Responses:
– UCC report, July 2021 – Synod delegates approve resolution decrying oppression of Palestinian people  See it here
UCC officers speak to ‘Just Peace’ declaration affirmed by GS  See it here
Open Letter from Kairos Palestine to the United Church of Christ
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United Methodist Church

Resolutions from Oregon-Idaho and New England Conferences:
Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference:Identifying and Opposing Apartheid in the Holy Land
New England Annual Conference:  Identifying and Opposing Apartheid in the Holy Land (alternate version, longer)

News Reports, Responses:
— UMKR, July 2022, updated Oct 2022 – United Methodist annual conferences oppose Israeli apartheid in 2022, defend Palestinian human rights  See it 
– Letter from Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine to New England Conference   Download this letter

Other News and Analysis on Church Actions on Israeli Apartheid

Chicago Divinity School, May 2022 – Is Israel Practicing Apartheid? American Churches Join the Conversation, by Jeff Wright  See it here

Mondoweiss, July 2022 – “Neutrality is not a faithful response”: churches call Israeli apartheid by its name, by Mark Braverman  See it here


Kairos Palestine / Global Kairos for Justice

– Cry for Hope, 2021
– Kairos Palestine Welcomes Amnesty International Report, 2022
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– Global Kairos Asia Pacific Palestine Solidarity, 2022 – Embracing Solidarities through Sharing Stories of Struggles to Resist Empires
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National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine (NCCOP)

Open Letter to the World Council of Churches, 2017
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News Reports, Responses:
BNC Welcomes Call by Christian Organizations Urging the World Council of Churches to Support the BDS Movement for Palestinian Human Rights
See it here

Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council

Israeli Apartheid and the Path to Teshuvah: An Open Letter to the Jewish Community from the Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinic Council
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Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV)

IJV Commends Pivotal Human Right Watch Report on Israeli Crimes of Apartheid, Persecution, 2021
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– Canadian Jewish Group Welcomes New Amnesty Report on Israeli Apartheid, Urges Government to Act, 2022
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See also, IJV’s website and campaign Together Against Apartheid,

Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

Amnesty International Condemns Israeli Apartheid as a Cruel System of Domination
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Human Rights Organizations in Israel

Human rights organizations from Israel condemn attacks on Amnesty International, 2022
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