More Resources on Israeli Apartheid

►  Israeli Apartheid: In-Depth Reports; International Law
►  Church & Organizational Resolutions and Statements


Supporting materials from Amnesty:
90-minute online course “Deconstructing Israeli Apartheid Against Palestinians”, 15-minute video, handout, Q&A, action toolkit

Supporting material from HRW:
3-minute video (click “video” on right side near top of page)

Supporting material from B’Tselem:
Illustrated Explainer

Supporting material from Yesh Din:
Common Questions and Answers


Together Against Apartheid – Independent Jewish Voices (IJV)
Includes: What is apartheid? Who’s calling it apartheid? Apartheid-Free Zones, FAQs, video gallery, a pledge, and more.


Apartheid-Free Zones – Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)


– IMEU Fact Sheet: Is Israel an Apartheid State?

– IMEU Policy Backgrounder: How Israel Practices Apartheid

– AFSC article: Why AFSC uses the term “Israeli apartheid” by Mike Merryman-Lotze

– Sabeel’s Cornerstone Magazine, Spring 2022 – Israel: An Apartheid State?
This entire issue is on apartheid.

– Jonathan Kuttab: Is Israel an apartheid state?

– Jewish Currents: The Amnesty Report on Israeli Apartheid-An Explainer

– HRW: Apartheid and Persecution The Forgotten Crimes Against Humanity

– CJPME (Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East) – Who is talking about Israeli Apartheid?
An impressive list of organizations and figures who have used the terminology of Israeli apartheid, in these categories:  United Nations, International Human Rights Groups, Palestinian Civil Society, Israeli Human Rights Groups, Public Opinion, Post-Apartheid South Africa and Namibia, Other Notable Figures and Organizations, and Notable Analyses.


– Amnesty International
• SERIES: Apartheid Is…
• SERIES: The Crime of Apartheid takes place when…

– Visualizing Palestine:
• SERIES: Between a Rising Tide and Apartheid
• SERIES: Born Unequal
• Divide and Dominate

– IMEU – How Israel Practices Apartheid


– Amnesty International UK – Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians: Explained (2 min)
– Amnesty International – Home Sweet Home (3 min)
– Human Rights Watch – Israel Committing Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution (3 min)

– IJV – Let’s Come Together Against Apartheid (2 min)
– Amnesty International USA – Israel Palestine Apartheid Explainer (15 min)

– Mondoweiss – Inside Israeli Apartheid (22 min)
– FMEP webinar – Calling the Thing by its Proper Name: “Apartheid” Between the Jordan River & the Mediterranean Sea (1 hr, 32 min)
– IJV Canada webinar – From Occupation to Apartheid: UN Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk on his latest report (1 hr)


Occupied Thoughts: This is Apartheid, Peter Beinart with Hagai El-Ad (31 min)

Mondoweiss, May 2022, PODCAST – Michael Lynk: “This is apartheid.” (47 min)


– Mondoweiss, January 2022 – Palestinian Alliance for Peace: The ‘free world’ cannot eulogize Desmond Tutu’s greatness and support Israeli apartheid
– Truthout, February 2021 – As a Rabbi Raised in South Africa, I Can’t Ignore Israel Is an Apartheid State, by Rabbi Brian Walt
– London Review of Books, January 2021 – The Separate Regimes Delusion, by Nathan Thrall

(There probably are some other notable pieces; have a lot more collected and need to do more curating on those.)