Kairos Nigeria

Since the year 2012, we have been working diversely on just peace in Israel Palestine. During this period we have used the Kairos Palestine document to introduce Nigerian Christians to the occupation in Palestine, the quest for Justice in Israel Palestine and through the “Come and See” document, worked on Alternative Justice Pilgrimage from Nigeria to the Holy Land.
Learn more at their blog: www.kairosnigeria.blogspot.com
Twitter: @kairosnigeria

Program Director: Rev. Kolade Fadahunsi [email protected]
Phone: +234 806-220-6882
20, Omofioye Crescent, off Ring Road,
New Adeoyo, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria


Kairos Southern Africa

Kairos Southern Africa was launched on 9 March 2011 to carry forward the legacy of Kairos theology in Southern Africa and to be in solidarity with others throughout the world, among them with the Palestinians.
WEBSITE: kairossouthernafrica.wordpress.com
First South African Church to commit to BDS

Coordinator: Rev. Edwin Arrison  [email protected]
P.O. Box 228, Onrusriver, 7201,
Western Cape, Republic of South Africa



Kairos-Sabeel Netherlands

Kairos-Sabeel Netherlands supports the Palestinians in their non-violent resistance to the occupation of their country by Israel and the resulting violations of human rights and international law. Palestinian liberation theology offers an alternative to the theology of Christian Zionists that justifies occupation and resulting violence.
Biblical inspiration and the principles of international law guide us.
We support the call of Kairos Palestine and the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in order to achieve a just peace settlement. We endorse the requirements associated with BDS actions: the removal of the Apartheid wall from Palestinian territory, the end of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the recognition of the right of return of Palestinian refugees.
Kairos-Sabeel Netherlands seeks to achieve these goals by providing relevant information, in particular to Christian churches and their members as well as civil society organizations and all political sectors.
We also provide action opportunities to support the Palestinian Christians and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.
See also: https://sabeel.org/2016/02/21/friends-of-sabeel-netherlands-fosnl/
Twitter: @KairosNL
Email: [email protected]
Jacobskerkhof 2
3511 BL Utrecht

Kairos Palestine Solidarity Network Germany

Kairos Palaestina – Solisaritaetsnetz Deutschland (Kairos Palestine Solidarity Network Germany) was established in 2012 as a response to the Kairos Palestine document ‘A moment of truth’ under the umbrella organization of Kairos Europa e.V.
: Hildegard Lenz (Bremen)
Email: [email protected]


Kairós Palestina Brasil

• From their Facebook page:
“Kairós Palestina Brasil” é uma plataforma de apoio e solidariedade ao povo Palestino. Apresenta, divulga, abre espaço para reflexão e discussão sobre o “Kairós Palestina Brasil” resposta teológica brasileira ao “Kairos Palestine.” FACEBOOK: KairosPalestinaBrasil
The Kairos Brasil Palestine document (English): http://www.kairospalestine.ps/sites/default/files/Kairos%20Palestina%20Brasil%20Document.pdf
From the Kairos Palestine website:
Kairós Palestina Brasil was initially formulated as a response to the Kairos Palestine document, written collectively by many theologians. The document is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish on the website of Kairos Palestine Brasil. The group works on advocacy, prayer and education on the Palestinian situation, mobilizing communities in Brazil during the WWPPI.
EMAIL: [email protected]
Felipe Gustavo Koch Buttelli


Indian Solidarity Ecumenical Network – Kairos Palestine

ISEN members include All India Council of Christian Women, Board of Theological Education of the Senate of Serampore College, Catholic Bishops Conference of India, Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society, National Council of Churches in India, Student Christian Movement of India, Young Mens Christian Association of India, Young Womens Christian Association of India. • Their statement of solidarity for Nakba Day.
• Their Youtube video for the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel
• Report on a Kairos Palestine and BADIL tour: Mission to India: Raising Awareness and Developing Relationships
• Report: Delhi prays for Palestine’s Christians 


Sabeel-Kairos UK

Originally two separate organisations that merged in 2017, Sabeel-Kairos is a Christian based UK charity committed to supporting peace and justice in the Holy Land.  We are a network of individuals, organisations, churches and communities of all backgrounds across the UK, who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in partnership with, and by promoting and advocating on, the messages of Kairos Palestine and the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre in Jerusalem.
Through our commitment to these Palestinian grassroots Christian movements, we support Palestinian Liberation Theology and the Kairos Palestine 2009 document ‘A Moment of Truth’, as well as advocating for the peaceful resistance it calls for us to support, including Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, Morally Responsible Investment, challenging the misuse of theology to oppress and praying for peace.
Website: https://www.sabeel-kairos.org.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SabeelKairos/
Email: [email protected]
Watlington Road
Telephone: +44 (0)1865 787420

Kairos USA

The mission of Kairos USA is to  mobilize American Christians – lay, academic and clergy – to take a prophetic stance for justice for Palestinians and a future of dignity for the citizens of Israel. In so doing we heed the call of our Palestinian Christian sisters and brothers, who have called us to stand with them in their liberation struggle. Kairos USA is dedicated to education, advocacy, and theology that takes seriously Jesus’s call for love and justice.

Website: www.kairosusa.org  —  Contact:  [email protected]